Capo d'Orlando Marina

Blue Flag 2023

The Blue Flag is a certification of environmental quality, established in 1987 in the European Year of the Environment, for both seaside resorts and tourist harbours that comply with certain criteria relating to sustainable land management.

The campaign is run in 73 countries around the world by the non-governmental, non-profit organisation “Foundation for Environmental Education” (FEE), with the aim of promoting the sustainable development of coastal areas and inland waters through the implementation of environmental policies that are attentive to the protection and care of the territory.

Environmental Policies

If you would like to find out more about our corporate policies on sustainability and environmental protection, see our official documents.

Environment & Services

Capo d’Orlando Marina has demonstrated that it possesses and complies with the many criteria of the Blue Flag award, such as environmental education and active participation in awareness-raising initiatives, proper waste storage and disposal, waste water purification, water quality, accessibility to pedestrian and cycling areas, care of green areas, lifesaving equipment, fire-fighting and safety devices, and the presence of a wide range of services for users.

Capo d'Orlando Marina